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Making an Art out of residential and commercial sand blasted cedar wood signs.

Our Cedar Signs
We specialize in sand blasted cedar signs. When you purchase one of our signs you are receiving a hand painted solid wood "Work of Art" Each sign is given special care and attention from the selection of the best quarter sawn lumber to the finest paints on the market. A handcrafted sign by Art's Crafts will look great on your cottage, home or business and will last for years.

Sign Sizes
We have made cedar signs of many shapes and sizes over the years to suit requirement and or budget. We have our own stock shapes but feel free to bring in your own design we would be more than happy to use yours.

Sign Colours
We use only the best paints which come in many different colours, we can also do a natural background with different coloured borders.

Sign Pricing
Western Red Cedar is $130.00 per square foot for basic sand blasted signs. Cedar Signs requiring custom art work will require an additional charge depending on what is involved and starts at $50.00. For double sided signs add 75% of the square foot price, the art work price remains the same.

Our Services

We are located in Bala, Muskoka Ontario Canada but we can ship our pine and cedar wood signs across Canada and the United States.

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  • Golf Course Signs
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